Duncan Crowley is an Irish architect living in Curitiba, Brazil, currently doing a masters about Urban Sustainability & Citizen Participation in MADE / UFPR. An Ecocity activist since Bosnia 2003, he agrees that “Cities are not problems, they are solutions”. Before moving to Brazil, he explored urban ecology for 7 years while living in the bold city of Barcelona. He cofounded the Transition Towns group Barcelona, Ecocity Groups in Dublin & Curitiba and Dolphins Barn Community garden in Dublin. He has worked in 6 countries and participated in architectural projects in 6 more. His urban / activist work was published in 2 books. Past projects were exhibited / mentioned in Banja Luka art gallery, Bosnia, Venice Art Biennale, Italy and most recently in TU Delft’s “Rethink the City” expo, Netherlands. He loves rivers, adventures and Asterix books.


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